Vehicle File Management Software For FMCSA DOT Compliance
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Vehicle File Management Feature List

When you signup with, you receive all the features you need to manage your vehicle files for one low price! Below is a list of our primary features currently available:

  • Inspection, Maintenance & Repair Management

    Easily track all the inspection, maintenance and repair records for each piece of equipment. Our record management allows you to input the important information as well as attaching your own files.

    There are no limits on the number of records, documents or storage space. All documents are retained in accordance with FMCSA DOT regulations.

  • Accident Registry

    Sometimes the unfortunate occurs and accidents happen. When they do, it is important to ensure proper documentation and retention. With, you can enter each accident, provide ample details and attach important documents such as insurance claims, police reports and any other associated documents.

  • Upcoming Due/Expiration Alerts

    In order to maintain FMCSA DOT compliance, it is vital that all inspections, preventative maintenance, registrations, insurance policies, etc., remain in good standing. With so many dates to remember, our system will make sure you never miss another one!

    Included with your subscription is automated email reminders for these important dates. You'll receive an email alert with plenty of time allotted to complete the upcoming tasks.

  • Reporting

    No system is complete without the ability to generate reports. Our system includes three different types of reports.

    Equipment Summary: This is a report that provides you an overview of all equipment in your account highlighting important dates, such as the next inspection and preventative maintenance dates.

    Upcoming Inspections: This is a report that provides you with a list of equipment that has upcoming inspections along with the type of inspection due.

    Upcoming Preventative Maintenance: This is a report that provides you with a list of equipment that has upcoming preventative maintenance.

  • Law Enforcement Login

    No need to gather and print all of your vehicle files when facing an audit! With, you provide login access to your auditor/law enforcement officer and they will have read-only access to your vehicle files!

    Our law enforcement feature also includes a detailed history log of the law enforcement user's actions and the ability to enable/disable access.